PFS-250 6 Station Pre-Made pouch Filling Machine

The Vegapack PFS-250-6 station pre-made Pouch filling Machine is specifically designed for higher speed pre-made pouch filling applications in the food, flour, personal care and pet Food markets.

It is also ideal for companies requiring multiple changeovers and packaging a wide variety of Products.

Designed to run multiple formats on the same machine, It’s automated system delivers format changeovers in less than 20 minutes. Just by selecting a recipe from the touch screen HMI, the machine will adjust itself to the appropriate format settings, saving both time and money while increasing productivity.

The system can be integrated with a wide variety of OEM filling systems, coding systems and validation equipment. With speeds of up to 30 Packs per minute, it’s a machine to have in your production facility.

Highlighting Features
  • Simple Operation
  • Compact Food point
  • Available in S.S Frame
  • Servo Driven Accurate index
  • 10" HMI Touch Panel

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