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Workculture @ Mamata

In order to create an organization which is constantly learning and is able to respond to internal as well as external needs of business, The management has created a flat organizational structure.

Well before the buzzwords of empowerment, flat structure, learning team etc. were popular; Mamata was and is practicing these concepts effectively and consistently.

The management firmly believes that ordinary people can be trained for the necessary skills to perform complex tasks successfully. It is the measure of a true leader who gets extraordinary results from ordinary people. Each senior executive (the functional head/manager responsible for delivering results) of MAMATA MACHINERY today joined the company at a junior level with minimum or no experience, mostly fresh from college. They have been trained on the job by doing, making mistakes and learning from it, by exposure to international trade exhibitions, by attending short courses and by continuous tutoring and mentoring.This allows management to reward it’s team members satisfactorily.

“Employee turnover” is a strange word at MAMATA MACHINERY !

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