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Vegapack M200 & M300
(Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Pouching Machine)

The Vega Pack M-200 & M-300 are specifically designed to meet the needs of consumer packaged goods companies in the food, home and personal care markets. It is truly innovative and unique HFFS pouching machine. This new generation machine balances high line-speed with a small footprint and brings the flexibility of being able to process both laminated and co-extruded films with ease to offer repeatable no-fuss changeovers (less than 20 minutes). State-of-the-art servo technology and design deliver unparalleled operational efficiency and the lowest per-pack costs in the business.

Its hygienic design makes it ideal for applications requiring wash down and USDA food packaging specifications. A full range of filling and dosing systems can be integrated with ease to fill a full spectrum of customer pouch formats including stand-up pouches with integrated zipper closures.


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