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The name Mamata (Mother-care), match also with the action of Mamata Machinery, as the way the mother take care of the child, we had been taken care.

Mr. Sharad Singhi
Termoplast Italy Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

We at Polyflex Industries Ltd. have been using Mamata’s Side Seal, Universal Bag Makers, Wicketer and Pouch Makers over last 10 years and are very happy with the performance of these machines. Low maintenance cost and trouble free running has really helped us to keep up the expectations of market and our customers. All the best to the Mamata team and KEEP IT UP!!!!!

Mr. Kamal Shah
Polyflex Industries Ltd., Kenya

Mamata not only delivers high quality machines but also gives very efficient after sales service. They do everything to retain a customer. To top everything, they are a very innovative company.

Mr. M. Arivazhagan
BTR Packaging Pvt Ltd., Chennai
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