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Vegapack M-Series Machines – HFFS Pouch Machine

Available in 200 / 245 / 260 / 300 mm widths

The Vegapack M-Series Machines are designed to meet specific needs of consumer packaged goods companies in the food/pet and home / personal care markets. These new generation machines balances high line-speed with a small footprint and brings the flexibility of being able to process both laminate and co-extruded films with ease as well as offer “quick and repeatable changeovers”.


Vegapack PFS-Series – Pick-Fill-Seal Machine

Available in 200 / 245 / 260 / 300 mm widths

The Vegapack PFS-Series Pick, Fill & Seal system is specifically designed for higher speed pre-made pouch filling applications in the food, Flour, personal care and pet Food markets. It’s ability to handle large format Pouches and rapid changeover in matter of minutes makes it unique in the Industry. The system delivers un-rivaled flexibility with the ultra-versatile pouch transport system. It’s a suitable machine to convert your Semi-automatic / manual operation to highly efficient Packaging Operation and reduce per pack cost on filling. It is also ideal for companies requiring multiple changeovers and packaging a wide variety of Products.


Vegapack 300-S / 600-S – Multilane Sachet Packaging Machine

A world-class technology in multi-track VFFS Sachet Packaging at an affordable value….
Precise dosing, low wastage, easy job changeovers, excellent seal consistency at high production rates are some of the key features offered on our Multilane Sachet Packaging Machines. Available in 6 track and 12 track configuration, it is a machine to have on your production floor for high speed sachet making and filling.

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