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The management’s leadership style is paternalistic. We firmly believe in “Leading by Example”. We motivate people to perform through challenges. The leadership is successful because it is able to generate implicit trust in and amongst its team members. This allows front line managers to take risks without fear of being victimized. It is this ability of the team that has led to an organization that is not only successful but is confident of sustaining the success continuously through identifying opportunities, readiness to change and ability to take risk under leadership of our Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Mahendra N. Patel and our Jt. Managing Director Mr. C. B. Patel.

This paternalistic approach leads to a family oriented caring attitude. At MAMATA, all are members of one great family. Management leads by going out of the way, even at own personal cost, to help every MAMATA MACHINERY family member in time of difficulty like serious illness, accident or family tragedy. It is natural reaction to keep the team united and motivated. It is not an act but an instinctive reaction.

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