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Design & Technology..

The company closely follows the new technology trends to keep abreast of emerging areas and observe their impact on MAMATA MACHINERY business. The Management’s insight for directing the team for new product development is in step with what is happening in the world. It was this sense that led MAMATA MACHINERY team develop machines with Servo Motors and Drives ahead of it’s competitors in 1994.

Under Able leadership of our President technology, an IIT Graduate with Masters degree in Machine design, A team of 12 qualified Engineers forms the design team of Mamata. Mamata’s affinity to technology has made it the leading licensed user of Mechanical design softwares in Gujarat. MAMATA MACHINERY has been using computers and such design software for over 20 years now, well before such advanced technology was even understood!

In house Electronics Dept.:

Mamata designs and manufactures microprocessor control systems to suit it’s Bag / Pouch making systems. These have added great value to our customers in making systems very friendly and reliable. Besides the fact that fast acting PLCs from reputed brands get obsolete quickly, procurement of spares have been experienced to be difficult by our customers. With our own Microprocessor control Systems, we can support our systems for a longer time, as they are tailored to suit the application and that software is written by Mamata, we easily add strength to our products by giving them reliable long performing economic control systems. These electronic systems are designed, manufactured and tested in our in-house facility.

Even today MAMATA MACHINERY is a unique company in the world in its field to have such a facility, which is the key to its cost and quality competitiveness.

We also offer Option of Fully computerized “Supervisory Control and Production Management System” with following features.

  • Touch Screen Panel
  • Network Connectivity for direct access from your System
  • Capability to add your equipment to your VPN.
  • Full production Data Logging and Monitoring
  • Full function control from one point

Selection of components for our Bag Machines:

The design philosophy has always focused on user friendliness; ease of operation and at the same time, ease of getting components / parts used on our Machines. Since our aim was and is to serve the world with Mamata Machines, our selection of bought-out components used has also been taken care of accordingly. We use components from suppliers like Baldor-USA, SKF, Schneider, Festo, Fuji, Habasit, Datalogic, etc. This allows our customers procure parts locally.

Safety standards offered on Mamata Machines:

Mamata offers machines with safety standards depending on a particular country’s requirements. We offer machines that can confirm to following Standards.

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