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Converting Machines

Win Series Machines   New

Win 750 P
Producing BOPP Dotted Seal Bag
Win 305 CP
Producing Center Seal Pouch at 211 Pouches/Minute Producing 408 mm long Overlap seal pouch at 120 Pouches/Minute
Win 350 PM
Producing Center Seal Pouch at 190 Pouches/Minute
Win 500 PM
Producing Stand-up pouch with Zipper and handle punch at 101 Pouches/Minute

Side Seal Bag Makers

Vega 750
Producing side seal bag
Vega 750-S
Producing side seal bags @ 250 CPM
Vega 600 Plus / Vega 750 Plus
Producing 23 Micron BOPP bags with Pearl @ 323 Bags per Minute
Vega 750 Plus with String Zip attachment
Vega 600 Plus with String Zip Attachment

Universal Bag Maker

Vega & Vega Plus 800/1000/1200
Universal Machine running Hot glue Patch Handle Bags
Universal Machine producing diaper bags with Shoulder handle
Universal Machine showing system features
Quick changeover from side seal to Bottom seal
Producing Soft Loop Handle Bags
Vegaplus 1000 running zipper bags @ 172 CPM
Security/Courier Bag Line
Vega 1200 split
Split Draw Univesal Bag Making Machine

Pouch Making Machines

Vega 350 CP
Vega 350 CP showing Fin seal Pouch @ 140 CPM
Vega 350 CP showing 420 mm long Lap seal Pouch
Vega 356 CP
Producing Center Seal Pouch with quad seals & K seal
Vega 285 PM
Producing Stand Up Zipper Pouch

Vega Plus Pouch Making Systems

Vega Plus 410/610/820/1020
Vega 610 at Packexpo 2014
Vega Plus 820 producing 2 Up Stand Up Pouch from Co-ex Single Web
Vega Plus 610 producing Four Web Registered Pouches
Vega Plus 610 producing Slider Zipper Pouches
Vega Plus 820 Producing Side Gusseted Zipper Pouches 
Vega Plus 610 Producing Vaccum Pouches
Vega 610 Pouch machine producing Bottle shaped Pouches
Flat Bottom Pouch Maker with Zip running 2 up – 120 Pouches per MinuteNew


Video of Wicketer with Net bags
Video of Wicketer with Zipper & Pouch seal(UK Demo)
Video of Wicketer running @ 350 CPM
Wicketer running Pamper diaper bags @ 117 CPM
Wicketer running Square Bottom Bags @ 300 CPM

Special Purpose Machines

Shoulder Handle Diaper Bag Line
Flower sleeve Machine
Fully Automatic Sack Maker For Laminated Woven Fabric SheetNew

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